Here are books I have designed, including several for ICI Press under my old design firm of Books that I both wrote and designed are listed in Books under the Publications tab.

Speculative Pentimenti

Speculative Pentimenti book cover

2012. I designed this book, which is a visual exploration of contemporary society through the works of artist and longtime ICI associate Sande Sisneros, with essays by curator Sue-Na Gay and ICI Director Lise Patt. Available from ICI Press.

Bataille's Eye & ICI Field Notes 4

Bataille's Eye

1997. Edited by Deborah Cullen
published by ICI Press, Los Angeles.

In 1928, Georges Bataille published his "pornographic" novella Story of the Eye under the pseudonym Lord Auch. Infamous in its own day, Story of the Eye has since become a pivotal text for art history, literature, and cultural criticism. This volume presents essays, artworks and research related to Story of the Eye. It is the only anthology to reproduce the original prints created by André Masson and Hans Bellmer for the first two editions of Story of the Eye. I designed this book under my design alias of, and the "Field Notes" section contains a survey of my Museum of Forgery projects. More information on the book.

What the critics say:
"This is the first time anyone has collected together a series of articles about the publication history of Story of the Eye.... [The book] not only delves into this interesting and complicated history but also reproduces all the Andre Masson drawings from the 1928 version and all the Hans Bellmer etchings from the 1944 version. This book is both fascinating and completely essential for any Georges Bataille devotee." [Brian from Goodreads, 2007]

The trade edition is currently out of print and available only as a premium for ICI members. However, two special editions are still available:
Get the boxed "eye" edition.
Get the clamshell collector's edition.

Searching for Sebald: Photography After W.G. Sebald

Searching for Sebald spread Searching for Sebald spread

2007. by Lise Patt with Christel Dillbohner; published by ICI Press, Los Angeles.
I did the design development for this 600-page international anthology that juxtaposes original essays about the novelist W.G. Sebald's unique use of images in his books together with artists' projects inspired by Sebald's work and methods. I am also an Associate Editor of the volume and a contributor.
The book was published in several limited editions in addtion to the trade edition. Information about those editions can be found below.
More information about the project.
Get the trade edition.
Get the boxed collector's edition.
Get the suitcase edition.
Downoladable PDF of sample page spreads.

What the critics say:
"The editors and publishers have done their work magnificently: the layout is generous and clear, the paper and illustrations are excellent, the structure is disciplined and subtle, the documentation, especially the impeccable." [Richard Sheppard, Journal of European Studies 39:1, 2008]
"beautifully designed, printed, and bound to the highest standards, and reproduces visual material with exemplary clarity." [Jonathan Long, Source, 2008]
"meticulously and beautifully produced." [Megan Ratner, Art on Paper, 2008]
"simply a gorgeous book." [Bev, Excelsior blog, 2008]
For more reviews, check this page.

Benjamin's Blind Spot: Walter Benjamin and the Premature Death of Aura & the Manual of Lost Ideas

Benjamin's Blind Spot

2001. Edited by Lise Patt; published by ICI Press, Los Angeles.
The writings collected here use Walter Benjamin's landmark 1937 essay "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction" as a springboard to apply Benjamin's insights to a diverse selection of topics. Presented in the book's margins are excerpts from The Manual of Lost Ideas, together with a commentary on the Manual by Arturo Ott. I designed this book under my design alias of . My design uses my 1999 Checco font.

What the critics say:
"It's been months since I've been this excited about a book that's scholarly in nature. Benjamin's Blind Spot is two books in one: a collection of essays by various authors who consider Benjamin's treatment of aura; and reproductions of the Manual of Lost Ideas, an odd compendium of art, text, and objects.... The impressive use of typography, editing and design made me think about aura as I read the book. And Arturo Ott's descriptions of the contents of the Manual are eerie and provocative." [Joanne Diaz,]
"[a] concise and rewarding collection of essays.... cleverly provokes far-reaching reconsideration of the lingering presence of blind spots and aura in today's art and culture." [Angela Glass, Afterimage, 2002]

There are three different editions of this book. Get the trade or commemorative edition here: Benjamin's Blind Spot. The special edition is out of print.

Descriptious #1

Descriptious book cover

2014. I designed this book of quotations from great nature writing selected by Ruth Coppens. Available from Blurb.