Here are books I have written (and in some cases also designed) and artist's books I have created. The artist's books range from the handmade to those produced using print-on-demand processes. Some were produced in small editions but many are unique. Books I have designed for other people can be found in Book Design under the Design tab.


Sting in the TaleSting in the Tale

Louise BrighamLouse Brigham

Monkey Encyclopedia W book coverMonkey Encyclopedia W

World of World: The Adventures of Malbec and Player

100/10 Catalog no. 2

Galileo book coverGalileo in America photobook (out of print)

Solstice ProjectThe Solstice Project (limited edition)

64 Changes 64 Changes (unique)

Smothered ArtSmothered Art (cards)

The Cake of the Desert 1995

Photographer's HandbookThe Photographer's Handbook (edition of 2)

Souvenir OfSouvenir Of (edition of 4)

Salvador Dali bookThe Oeuvre of Salvador Dali Reduced to a Reasonable Size (unique)

Men SammlungMen Sammlung (unique)

SammlungHistory of flight Sammlung (unique)